Free 15C RPN Scientific Calculator

This is a simulator for the HP-15C advanced scientific programmable calculator. This simulator aims to include all features of the HP-15C including:

This simulator has been developed independently and does not rely on any actual HP-15C code or ROM images.


I bought my HP-15C in 1987 as my first RPN calculator, and used it throughout university. I still have my original one, and it continues to operate on the same set of batteries, after 25 years. The form factor (horizontal layout) is the distinctive feature of this family of calculators. There is even a Petition to Bring Back the 15C.

This implementation was inspired by the HP-35 Calculator Simulator at the Museum of HP Calculators.

Known Issues

The following functions are known to be incomplete or nonfunctional:


This HP15c simulator was developed by Greg Hewgill.

Greg Hewgill <>